Thursday, September 9, 2010

wait..tomorrow is Friday??

I have realized that it doesn't really matter to me if it is Friday or days all run together.  The only thing different about Friday to me is the knowledge that my children will be home from school for the next two days.  How pathetic is that?  Hubby and I don't go out on weekends, we don't go out on weekdays for that matter.  I wonder if people in the "real world" understand the differences betweeen their lives and the lives of people who work or live with someone who works rotating shifts?  I never understood before Hubby and I started dating and it didn't really sink in until we moved in together.  There is a lot of me sleeping alone, him sleeping during the day, and no sleep at times.  It can get a little depressing at times. :( 

Okay enough whining.  I submitted a resume for a job at RRAD today.  Praying and crossing my fingers that I hear something back from them.  It would be so great to get this job, I would get to go shopping!  Woohoo!  Usually the only shopping I get to do is for children.  So not as much fun as shopping for me. lol.  Also this week I have made some more hair bows for Elmira.  I was right and she loved the first one, so I got on Ebay and bought some ribbon and clips to make more.  I also got some really cute ribbon at Hobby Lobby that was on sale for half price.  Yes, I am THAT bored at home.  And YES, I am going to put a picture of them on here because dammit I am proud of my hard work.  And I burnt the tip of my finger making bows today!!  It hurts.  Badly.  There is a freaking blister on the tip of my middle finger.  I hope that Elmira appreciates the pain I go through to make these silly things for her.

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