Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Has anyone found the DeLorian...I need it

Is there any way to fast forward past the mouthy, know everything teenage DRAMA QUEEN years??  I am seriously so tired of it this week.  Not that I like it any other week, but this week it is really getting to me.  I don't know if it is because "my special visitor" just left or if it is because we were nice enough to allow a teenager we don't know come stay for a week and Drama Queen is unappreciative.  Probably a combination of the two.

Drama Queen has started trying to talk down to me, as if I am the child and she is the adult.  She questions every move I make, including who I am on the phone with.  Of course when I mention this to her the response is always the same, "What did I do?", said in a whining voice obviously. 

Her friend seems to be a lovely girl....when she isn't being told what to do by my daughter.  It is ridiculous really.  I know that I was not a "good" kid by any means but Cheese and Rice I was no where near this level.  Drama Queen never does anything wrong in her eyes, she is disrespectful, rude, mean to her siblings, and thinks that the world revolves around her.  I try and give her a little bit of leeway since she just moved in with me after living with her step mother (her dad is out of the country for the second time) but there is only so much I can take.

I am at a loss...someone help me please or I may have to take up drinking.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I didn't do it...

How come that no matter if you know already who did something if you ask your children their response is "I didn't do it"?  I am so sick of hearing it really....if I could find this Mr I didn't do it, I would so kick his little ass! 

Encyclopedia Boy has a problem with getting up in the middle of the night or SOOPER early in the morning and eating things. (ie. Fluff, gum, candy, granola bars, etc.)  We can't keep snack foods because you can guarantee that he will get into it while everyone else is sleeping.  It isn't a matter of not wanting him to have the food, it is the fact that he sneaks it and then lies about it!!  He has been doing this since he was about 2, it started with hot chocolate mix with marshmallows and has moved on to things like the frosting I made in advance for Elmira's birthday party a couple weeks ago.

I just can't figure out what the deal is....we offer him food, I know that sounds ridiculous but he takes meds that make him not have an appetite on top of already being a picky eater.  It doesn't matter if I cook something that he loves and has eaten time and time again, he will refuse and then I find something he has eaten in the middle of the night.

Hubby and I are at our wits end as to what to do as punishment since nothing seems to work.  We have tried time outs, spanking, taking away television privileges, and removal of his playstation.  Still he continues!  Three days ago I noticed that an almost full Fluff container was mysteriously empty (and back on the shelf) and asked the kiddos who ate it...they all had the same response, "I didn't do it."  I told them that no one could watch tv until someone confessed......three days later and Encyclopedia Boy finally fesses up and has no reason as to why he thinks that this is acceptable behavior.

Well, now he has no playstation forever.... hubby says he is done with being nice and now it is time to start taking a wrestling action figure (Encyclopedia Boy collects these) every time we catch him "stealing" food.  I don't know that it is going to work, when I told him that the playstation was now mine he shrugged and went and unplugged it himself.  Also, he told me that since hubby is selling his old GI Joes on Ebay that maybe we could make some money off of the wrestlers!!  AARRGGHH! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

This week in review...

Hooray!! My 8 yr old finally decided that she is big enough to take the training wheels off her bike!!  And you will notice that my hubby is putting the bunk beds together and I am taking pictures because he can do it all by

Monday, July 19, 2010

Girl parts = Stupidity

I was completely unaware of this until today, when I was informed by my husband.  I must say I am a little disappointed, I never really classified myself in either of those departments before today.  But alas, all I am good for is cleaning, cooking, oil changing, and birthing babies...That is right, I change the oil, as in ME not him.
We are giving our girls' bedroom a makeover, so we bought bunk beds. Fun right?  I think it is going to wind up being a pain in the arse but we shall see.  Anywho, the place we bought the bunk beds had to order them. They called today to say that the ordering manager made a mix up and they would be receiving bunk beds, but that it wasn't what we had ordered (twin/full) that it was better (twin/futon/full) and that if we wanted this "wrong" set of beds it would cost us no extra money.  Okay cool, I talked it over with the hubby and the girls and everyone was okay with the "wrong" beds.  I called the guy back and let him know that we would take the beds anyway and he said that he would call me in the afternoon when they got there so I could come get them.  Since hubby had worked all night and then stayed up to take the car to get new tires (I met him there after kid dr appt and traded cars so he could go home) I said I would go get the beds and he could stay home sleeping.

I went and got the beds.  Dude loaded them in the Jimmy.  I drove carefully home as to not lose them out the back window (it wouldn't close) and left them in the truck.  The reason I left them in the truck is because I was told by hubby in that under no circumstances was I to try and get the beds out and put them together because he "didn't want them messed up."  Excuse me??  I am old enough to know how to read the directions and put anything together.

Hubby got up, went and saw the beds in the back of the truck and started yelling at me about how incompetent people are and that I should have just let him take care of going to get them because dude put the box in the wrong way and now it is stuck on the spare tire rack and blah blah blah blah blah!! Seriously?? I am trying to help you!! He complains about not getting help, then when I try to help I can't do it right?? I calmly walked away and said "I am Done!"  I then proceeded to hang up the laundry.  And when he came in to "help" I told him not to bother that apparently it is the only thing I know how to do.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stuff Shanel Says...

Sundays are usually pretty uneventful around here so I have been kicking around the idea of having my blog dedicated to my bestest fran once a week or so...depending on how much useful material I get from her.  LOL. 

First a little back story.  Shanel is my bestest fran. :) I love her dearly, but she has lead a somewhat sheltered life I guess being that she is from suburbia (Spanaway/Tacoma area of WA).  She recently moved with her husband, four children (two girls 8 &10 and two boys 5 & 3), and three dogs to Missouri.  Which she lovingly refers to as "the armpit of hell".  Talk about culture shock!!  I have to laugh at her because frankly some of the questions she has asked and the things I have heard her say to her children are priceless.  I am pretty sure that she could write a book, or maybe even a television show.  Anyway, on with the good stuff... I am not going to embellish and will do very little explaining of what things were in reference to because I think that if I do it will take away from the magic. LOL.  I will however edit most some of the potty mouth.

1. "Chris, get down, you are going to get a splinter in your butthole!"

2. "Jack, don't hit your brother with a hammer" I am going to point out that last year Jack did hit his brother with a shovel, which required a trip to the emergency room.

3. "Why are you wearing your sisters' underwear?"

4. said by Chris "Damn, I'm good"...this is currently at the top of my list because who doesn't love a three year old with good understanding of where to use these words?

5. "What are those brown beetle type bugs, you know the ones that just keep flying into things repeatedly?"

6. "I googled the sound I keep hearing, turns out it is cicadas."

7. " There is some kind of evil looking bug on the porch railing staring at me, I am pretty sure it is here to eat my soul"
this is the bug. lol yes she took a picture and sent it to me

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have.  I would now like to take the opportunity to point out that Chris is like one of my heroes...he thinks that I have Robot blood and that is just pretty darn awesome.  Maybe I can be like him when I grow up.  Oh, and Shanel if you read this... I love you fran :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

new and improved...

I got my very own blog design!! I love it so much!  I know that no one really reads this thing, but that is okay, I like it and I am all that matters. LOL.   I found Brittany (Peachy Keen Designs) through another friend's blog, I liked her design and since Brittany was offering free services I thought what the heck I will try too.  I am so glad I did.  She was so easy to work with and I approved everything before it was finalized.  Good thing that Brittany is so smart because I am not tech savvy, but she didn't make me feel like a dummy. :)  She asked me questions to get a feel for what I wanted and liked and wahlah (sp? is that even a word?) this is the finished produck (that I misspelled and thought it was kinda cool that way so I left it haha). 

On a random note...Brittany has actually been to Texarkana!!  This is like for sure the most random and sooper cool thing to me because usually unless you live here you have no clue where the heck Texarkana or Redwater is much less that they even exist!  So for someone to say that they actually had been here before and got married here and know people here in my lil ol hometown is exciting.  Okay I have rambled on long enough, I am going to go try and read a little bit.  On that note if you liked Pride and Prejudice (the book) I suggest Mr Darcy's Daughter' is a continuation of is by Elizabeth Aston and there are actually two other books in the series, they are quite lovely.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Not quite dead yet...

but I may smell like it, look like it and definitely feel like it...but I promise I am still breathing. Barely. Very loudly and heavily.  Ohmygoodness!  Softball is kicking my butt!! I mean, I still love it, but wow I didn't realize just how out of shape I am.  Or maybe I did but now reality is setting in...I knew that I had gained weight, I attributed that to the fact that I quit smoking. 

We had another double header last night.  We lost the first game and won the second. Woohoo!  I was sweating so profusely that it literally looked like I had been caught outside in the rain.  I don't like to sweat that much. boo.  Oh, and have I mentioned that it is like sweltering hot here??  I am talking Africa HOT!  The heat + me trying to run = disasterous.  It is seriously such a joke that the other team was calling out which ever base I was going to as the "easy out".  Sadness. But it is okay because when I did get on base I actually got ALL the way around and scored!! WooHoo! Go me! lol.  Yeah and I hate running with a knee is only slightly hurting today after an unfortunate clumsy almost fall. hehe. I rolled my ankle going after a ball and somehow twisted my knee. Ouch.

All in all it was one had to drag my carcass off the field, no one had to call an ambulance, my husband still smelled worse than me (barely), and we won the last game (so what if it was only by one point).

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I found my preferred method....I already knew it, I just had lost it for about 15 years or so lol.  Softball!! We have been playing coed church league softball.  Notice the "we", hubby had been playing church league for years and they FINALLY got a coed team!! Yay!  I love softball!!  Saturday we played in a benefit tournament and wound up playing 4 games back to back in the pouring rain.  It was great.  I was so sore I was hobbling around like an old lady for 3 days...just in time for our league to start and for us to play a double header on Tuesday night.  Thankfully I am not sore any longer...because tonight we have another double header!  I have only had some minor injuries and have found that I can still play fairly well.  I have never been a super star but I can hit and I can catch and I don't look like a complete idiot out there so I guess that is all that matters.  Well, that and the fact that I am having tons of fun despite the soreness, injuries, and the fact that it is almost unbearably hot outside.  Maybe since I will stick with this unlike the running idea, I can lose some of the weight I want gone.  Oh and as of right now my OBP (on base percentage for you non baseball people) is 600!! yay me!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some people's kids!!

Today we went to town to tackle my hubby's "list", this is a list of things he writes down from sales papers or things he needs to complete projects he is doing.  We started our trip at a store that he saw an ad for bunk beds that we are needing to get for the girls' room...what he did not read on the ad was that the store is closed on Tuesdays!! Of course then he is pissed off that we drove all the way across town for no reason, some how this becomes my fault.  I didn't look at the ad and it isn't a store that I have ever been to so I am not really sure why I should have known this.  Oh well.  Next we go to Ace to look at some folding chairs that he saw advertised for like 5 bucks.  We walked around the whole store, four people asked if we needed help, we did not find the chairs.  On the way out of the store hubby finally asks someone and we are told that the chairs are sold out and they are not giving rain checks because they went off sale on Friday.  As we are walking away hubby hears the man tell one of the other employees that they have to watch what they put out for display because they are right next door to the Dollar General and "you know what kind of people shop there."  So, next we went to the Dollar General. lol. Apparently I am that kind of people.  They always usually sometimes have cool stuff in there and it is really cheap (just like my Jew husband).  We got a couple packs of last year's baseball cards which my husband will turn around and sell most of on Ebay and make back the money we spent, it is a win win for me.  The last place on our big adventure was Target, we went there with the intentions of buying cat food which was supposed to be on sale and to look at bedding for the girls' room because that was also supposed to be on sale.  We left with a t shirt for the 8 year old (1.98), a bag of cat food (which was not cheaper than we usually get), and pack of baseball cards.  When we got back to the truck, we left the windows down because it is Africa hot down here, someone had thrown their McDonalds trash in our windows!!! Now let me first say that this is a Jimmy, not a truck with a bed.  They threw it IN THE WINDOW!! What kind of person does that?  Seriously!! I was so pissed, I was yelling (apparently loud enough that it alarmed the cart guy) and looking at the cars next to us to see if I saw any McDonald cups in the cupholders.  I really wish I could have caught the person who did this, but I guess it is a good thing that we didn't because my husband would be in jail right now.  I am still appalled at the thought though, I have been over the scenario in my head a dozen times.  There is NO good explanation, there was a trash can not 10 feet from our truck AND if you have ever been to Target then you know that they have trash cans right outside the door before you go inside.  How hard would it have been to carry it to one of them?? UGH!

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