Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some people's kids!!

Today we went to town to tackle my hubby's "list", this is a list of things he writes down from sales papers or things he needs to complete projects he is doing.  We started our trip at a store that he saw an ad for bunk beds that we are needing to get for the girls' room...what he did not read on the ad was that the store is closed on Tuesdays!! Of course then he is pissed off that we drove all the way across town for no reason, some how this becomes my fault.  I didn't look at the ad and it isn't a store that I have ever been to so I am not really sure why I should have known this.  Oh well.  Next we go to Ace to look at some folding chairs that he saw advertised for like 5 bucks.  We walked around the whole store, four people asked if we needed help, we did not find the chairs.  On the way out of the store hubby finally asks someone and we are told that the chairs are sold out and they are not giving rain checks because they went off sale on Friday.  As we are walking away hubby hears the man tell one of the other employees that they have to watch what they put out for display because they are right next door to the Dollar General and "you know what kind of people shop there."  So, next we went to the Dollar General. lol. Apparently I am that kind of people.  They always usually sometimes have cool stuff in there and it is really cheap (just like my Jew husband).  We got a couple packs of last year's baseball cards which my husband will turn around and sell most of on Ebay and make back the money we spent, it is a win win for me.  The last place on our big adventure was Target, we went there with the intentions of buying cat food which was supposed to be on sale and to look at bedding for the girls' room because that was also supposed to be on sale.  We left with a t shirt for the 8 year old (1.98), a bag of cat food (which was not cheaper than we usually get), and pack of baseball cards.  When we got back to the truck, we left the windows down because it is Africa hot down here, someone had thrown their McDonalds trash in our windows!!! Now let me first say that this is a Jimmy, not a truck with a bed.  They threw it IN THE WINDOW!! What kind of person does that?  Seriously!! I was so pissed, I was yelling (apparently loud enough that it alarmed the cart guy) and looking at the cars next to us to see if I saw any McDonald cups in the cupholders.  I really wish I could have caught the person who did this, but I guess it is a good thing that we didn't because my husband would be in jail right now.  I am still appalled at the thought though, I have been over the scenario in my head a dozen times.  There is NO good explanation, there was a trash can not 10 feet from our truck AND if you have ever been to Target then you know that they have trash cans right outside the door before you go inside.  How hard would it have been to carry it to one of them?? UGH!

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