Saturday, July 24, 2010

I didn't do it...

How come that no matter if you know already who did something if you ask your children their response is "I didn't do it"?  I am so sick of hearing it really....if I could find this Mr I didn't do it, I would so kick his little ass! 

Encyclopedia Boy has a problem with getting up in the middle of the night or SOOPER early in the morning and eating things. (ie. Fluff, gum, candy, granola bars, etc.)  We can't keep snack foods because you can guarantee that he will get into it while everyone else is sleeping.  It isn't a matter of not wanting him to have the food, it is the fact that he sneaks it and then lies about it!!  He has been doing this since he was about 2, it started with hot chocolate mix with marshmallows and has moved on to things like the frosting I made in advance for Elmira's birthday party a couple weeks ago.

I just can't figure out what the deal is....we offer him food, I know that sounds ridiculous but he takes meds that make him not have an appetite on top of already being a picky eater.  It doesn't matter if I cook something that he loves and has eaten time and time again, he will refuse and then I find something he has eaten in the middle of the night.

Hubby and I are at our wits end as to what to do as punishment since nothing seems to work.  We have tried time outs, spanking, taking away television privileges, and removal of his playstation.  Still he continues!  Three days ago I noticed that an almost full Fluff container was mysteriously empty (and back on the shelf) and asked the kiddos who ate it...they all had the same response, "I didn't do it."  I told them that no one could watch tv until someone confessed......three days later and Encyclopedia Boy finally fesses up and has no reason as to why he thinks that this is acceptable behavior.

Well, now he has no playstation forever.... hubby says he is done with being nice and now it is time to start taking a wrestling action figure (Encyclopedia Boy collects these) every time we catch him "stealing" food.  I don't know that it is going to work, when I told him that the playstation was now mine he shrugged and went and unplugged it himself.  Also, he told me that since hubby is selling his old GI Joes on Ebay that maybe we could make some money off of the wrestlers!!  AARRGGHH! 

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