Monday, July 19, 2010

Girl parts = Stupidity

I was completely unaware of this until today, when I was informed by my husband.  I must say I am a little disappointed, I never really classified myself in either of those departments before today.  But alas, all I am good for is cleaning, cooking, oil changing, and birthing babies...That is right, I change the oil, as in ME not him.
We are giving our girls' bedroom a makeover, so we bought bunk beds. Fun right?  I think it is going to wind up being a pain in the arse but we shall see.  Anywho, the place we bought the bunk beds had to order them. They called today to say that the ordering manager made a mix up and they would be receiving bunk beds, but that it wasn't what we had ordered (twin/full) that it was better (twin/futon/full) and that if we wanted this "wrong" set of beds it would cost us no extra money.  Okay cool, I talked it over with the hubby and the girls and everyone was okay with the "wrong" beds.  I called the guy back and let him know that we would take the beds anyway and he said that he would call me in the afternoon when they got there so I could come get them.  Since hubby had worked all night and then stayed up to take the car to get new tires (I met him there after kid dr appt and traded cars so he could go home) I said I would go get the beds and he could stay home sleeping.

I went and got the beds.  Dude loaded them in the Jimmy.  I drove carefully home as to not lose them out the back window (it wouldn't close) and left them in the truck.  The reason I left them in the truck is because I was told by hubby in that under no circumstances was I to try and get the beds out and put them together because he "didn't want them messed up."  Excuse me??  I am old enough to know how to read the directions and put anything together.

Hubby got up, went and saw the beds in the back of the truck and started yelling at me about how incompetent people are and that I should have just let him take care of going to get them because dude put the box in the wrong way and now it is stuck on the spare tire rack and blah blah blah blah blah!! Seriously?? I am trying to help you!! He complains about not getting help, then when I try to help I can't do it right?? I calmly walked away and said "I am Done!"  I then proceeded to hang up the laundry.  And when he came in to "help" I told him not to bother that apparently it is the only thing I know how to do.


  1. Please remind me of things like this if I threaten to get married someday. :)

  2. What a punk!! My fiance can be like that sometimes. Only HE can fix things or put things together. Then he gets all frustrated and I come along and do it right. ;-) I hope he apologized and gave you a back rub later!!



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