Saturday, July 17, 2010

new and improved...

I got my very own blog design!! I love it so much!  I know that no one really reads this thing, but that is okay, I like it and I am all that matters. LOL.   I found Brittany (Peachy Keen Designs) through another friend's blog, I liked her design and since Brittany was offering free services I thought what the heck I will try too.  I am so glad I did.  She was so easy to work with and I approved everything before it was finalized.  Good thing that Brittany is so smart because I am not tech savvy, but she didn't make me feel like a dummy. :)  She asked me questions to get a feel for what I wanted and liked and wahlah (sp? is that even a word?) this is the finished produck (that I misspelled and thought it was kinda cool that way so I left it haha). 

On a random note...Brittany has actually been to Texarkana!!  This is like for sure the most random and sooper cool thing to me because usually unless you live here you have no clue where the heck Texarkana or Redwater is much less that they even exist!  So for someone to say that they actually had been here before and got married here and know people here in my lil ol hometown is exciting.  Okay I have rambled on long enough, I am going to go try and read a little bit.  On that note if you liked Pride and Prejudice (the book) I suggest Mr Darcy's Daughter' is a continuation of is by Elizabeth Aston and there are actually two other books in the series, they are quite lovely.


  1. Your welcome! Don't worry about e-mailing me anything, I'll link to this post for feedback! And if you ever run into any Dearil Jacksons out there in Redwater then you've met my dad's side of the family. HAHA but they don't really know I blog, and we don't really get a long, so don't mention it :)

  2. lol I know exactly who Dearil Jackson is!!



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