Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stuff Shanel Says...

Sundays are usually pretty uneventful around here so I have been kicking around the idea of having my blog dedicated to my bestest fran once a week or so...depending on how much useful material I get from her.  LOL. 

First a little back story.  Shanel is my bestest fran. :) I love her dearly, but she has lead a somewhat sheltered life I guess being that she is from suburbia (Spanaway/Tacoma area of WA).  She recently moved with her husband, four children (two girls 8 &10 and two boys 5 & 3), and three dogs to Missouri.  Which she lovingly refers to as "the armpit of hell".  Talk about culture shock!!  I have to laugh at her because frankly some of the questions she has asked and the things I have heard her say to her children are priceless.  I am pretty sure that she could write a book, or maybe even a television show.  Anyway, on with the good stuff... I am not going to embellish and will do very little explaining of what things were in reference to because I think that if I do it will take away from the magic. LOL.  I will however edit most some of the potty mouth.

1. "Chris, get down, you are going to get a splinter in your butthole!"

2. "Jack, don't hit your brother with a hammer" I am going to point out that last year Jack did hit his brother with a shovel, which required a trip to the emergency room.

3. "Why are you wearing your sisters' underwear?"

4. said by Chris "Damn, I'm good"...this is currently at the top of my list because who doesn't love a three year old with good understanding of where to use these words?

5. "What are those brown beetle type bugs, you know the ones that just keep flying into things repeatedly?"

6. "I googled the sound I keep hearing, turns out it is cicadas."

7. " There is some kind of evil looking bug on the porch railing staring at me, I am pretty sure it is here to eat my soul"
this is the bug. lol yes she took a picture and sent it to me

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have.  I would now like to take the opportunity to point out that Chris is like one of my heroes...he thinks that I have Robot blood and that is just pretty darn awesome.  Maybe I can be like him when I grow up.  Oh, and Shanel if you read this... I love you fran :)

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