Monday, December 20, 2010

It has been a while old friend

So it seems that after I wrote about my blog being neglected I have really neglected it, lol.  At least this time it was for a good reason.  I have been back at work now for a little over 30 days.  It feels like I never left.  The only difference is now I am on graveyards.  I really love my shift.  I like not having the hassle of some of the things that occur on day shift.  The only downside I have seen so far is that I feel like I don't see much of my husband since he works rotating shifts. 

We started having problems with Drama Queen a couple months back...we found out that she was using her grandmother's (her dad's mom) house to have sex with her boyfriend.  I knew that she was getting to the age where I was going to start having to worry about her having sex, which is why I put her on the pill months ago, but I didn't know that she was going to be sneaky and a liar.  I am more upset about the fact that she basically used her grandmother to get something that she wanted that we didn't allow her to do at our house.  She has been "grounded" since we found out.  I took her phone away for about a week and she has not been allowed to stay the night at her grandmother's house since.  This weekend her grandmother took her to Waxahachie to her dad and step-mom's house to visit for Christmas.  Yesterday from her dad while I was sleeping after work informing me that Drama Queen is moving back in with them....during Christmas break!  I am not really sure what the heck is going on since the only thing I keep being told is that "we think it is for the best" but if that is what she wants then she can carry her dramatic, smart mouthed, bad attitude self back there and stay.  I love my child but I am not going to play the I am mad at you so I am moving game.  Once she moves back with her dad she is staying there...the end. I will not be a pawn in her childish games any longer.

In other news...It has nearly been a year since the dear hubby and I got married.  Wow!  How did he get so lucky? lol  No really, I consider myself to be very lucky.  I married a great guy.  Finally.

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