Monday, August 16, 2010

Why don't children come with cliff notes???

Last night DQ (Drama Queen) and I were sitting in the living room (she was texting and I was crocheting) when some how the subject of dating came up.  She asked me wasn't I like 13 when I started dating her father?  I actually lol at this point and said No, we were boyfriend and girlfriend starting when I was 14 (almost 15) but that I was not allowed to date until I was 16.  I also informed her that her father was the ONLY boy that I dated while in highschool.  She actually didn't believe this but it is true.  So then she gets all huffy and says, "Great, I am screwed!".  At this point I turned to her and asked her did she think I was supposed to let her run the roads with every boy she likes?  She got up and went to bed.

The thing is she changes "boyfriends" more frequently than she showers.  That is only a slight exaggeration.  She has a list of 25 boys that were her "boyfriends" last school year!  25!!  Seriously?  She is only 14, I don't think that I am being an ogre about this, but she never let me tell her my rules on dating.  Hubby (her step father) and I have discussed it and we decided that while she is living under our roof she will not be running up and down the roads with every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along.  I think that if she has a long term boyfriend I would let him come over and hang out and then maybe if he was genuinely a good kid I would let her go on a date. 

Apparently her step mother was letting boys come over all the time when she was living at her dad's house.  She also let her roam the neighborhood doing as she pleased.  But DQ also got caught sneaking out from a friend's house while under step mother's supervision, so I think it is safe to say that until DQ earns some trust I am well within my motherly rights to keep her under lock and key.  DQ still swears that she did nothing wrong when she snuck out even though her friend lost her virginity that night.  OMG!! We will see, Friday DQ has an appointment with my gyno-that is right, I am putting her on birth control, I know lots of people are against it...but guess what? I don't care.  I know my daughter, I know that given the chance she will have sex. So, as a GOOD mother I am taking responsibility and not turning a blind eye.  I do NOT want to be raising a grandchild...I am waaay too young to be a grandmother.  Besides, I was having sex when I was the same age as her...I was sneaking out with her father and going to his house to have sex.

Why oh why don't they pass out handbooks when you give birth? Or at least when they become teenagers? I don't want to be a mean mom, I want to be a good mom, why can't she see that?

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