Friday, June 25, 2010

I am changing my name!!!

That is it!! I am changing my name to know the old servant on Gone with the Wind??? I figure it is appropriate since I keep being treated like the house servant...hell that is putting it mildly.  My kids are so freaking lazy it is pathetic....they lay around in the a/c watching tv, texting, and eating all the food.  They literally move from one couch to the other if someone "gets in their way", ie..over the weekend I was cleaning the floors in the living room so my 14 yr old turned the tv up louder and moved from one couch to the other because I got in front of the tv!! Did she offer to help me out?? NO!! The thought probably never even crosses her mind.  I have done my last load of laundry for that little freeloader!  I did her laundry and folded it and said all you have to do is hang the other sat there until she wore all of it again!! I am fed up with all the laziness.  I was not allowed to just lay around.  I had chores and they darn well better get done without me having to be told to do them. 

Another thing, when I cook supper and call everyone to the table I do NOT want to hear I will be there when my show goes off.  Um no, come and eat it now.  This is not an all you can eat buffet, you don't get to come and go as you please.  Oh and it would be nice if you could at least rinse your plate, I won't dare go so far as to say wash some dishes...don't want to mess up your texting finger!!  Sometimes I hate the cell phone.  It is permanently affixed to her hand and earlier she thought I was trying to get her phone and freaked the hell out and snatched it back like I had tried to steal a kidney.  I forsee big bad trouble on the horizon and it is not going to go down in a way that she is going to like!!

Okay I am done....p.s...I love my kids, just don't like being treated like crap...where did they get this sense of entitlement? Like everything is owed to them??

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