Tuesday, June 8, 2010

now I remember

 I actually remembered to go to the track for my running "program".  I was even early. Go me!  There were about 20 other people there.  Some of them I knew, some of them actually spoke to me, and some of them tried to act like I didn't exist. Haha.  It may have something to do with the fact that I was wearing one of my husband's old t-shirts, it is extra comfy, has the sleeves cut out of it, and is a band t-shirt..oh, did I mention the band's name is Earth Orgy? lol. The looks I got were awesome, it was almost as if I showed up wearing nothing but a smile.  I did not do much smiling while I was at the track.  Not only were there people there acting like I was the devil or didn't exist, but there were teenagers there who pretty much were embarassed by all of the "old" fat adults.  We did some stretches before we started running.  Stretches that make me feel and look like a flailing elephant.  I remember why I don't run, not because I can't, but simply because I HATE running....I remembered about three laps in.  The thing is I can't quit, then I would be a quitter plus I paid money to do this crap! Maybe next time won't be as bad.  Oh and as a side note, my legs and buttocks were killing me by the time I got home, so maybe, just maybe, it will help me to lose my fatty status.

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