Monday, April 20, 2009

Really? Old lady I will hit you... we finally went to the grocery store, I say that like it is an accomplishment because it truly is...We are both sooo anti-public it is ridiculous. We take days to prepare, you are laughing because you think I am joking but I am NOT. For days we write out menus and lists, the game plan is very well thought out. I make the list in the order you find the items on the aisles...I kid you not! This way we can get in and get what we need and LEAVE. Our main mission is to buy enough groceries to stay away from Walmart for a month. It is too stressful to go out in public. Okay really it is that we hate people, yes that means YOU. It has become painfully clear that most of the population is stupid or slow, or stupid and slow. This coupled by the fact that when we get hungry we are even more, how shall I say it? Crabby...or as we say around our house...Krabby Patty. LOL. Today we decided that we would go to the Walmart in New Boston, it is generally less crowded (that doesn't mean for you to take your slowness there) and this makes it easier to grab and go. There were only a few mishaps on today's adventure. First this woman who obviously was a few french fries shy kept coming by and staring. At the beginning I said to myself " Self, she can't help it", then she kept giving us this look like we were a Giant (not me) and a midget (me). To add to this she was also gaping/gawking at our two carts (yes I said two) full of food as if we were trying to feed the whole state of Texas. Okay with two kids and two adults, one of which eats a LOT of food it takes two full carts to get through a month. I eventually cooled off and we went to the OTHER side of the store to get toiletries and bird seed. Everything seemed to be going well until we were told the total of our I will pause for effect.......... I thought he was going to have a stroke. I seriously laughed out loud at him. Then I pulled out the coupons...hehe..we saved $10..I know it isn't a lot but every little bit helps right? Not according to him. Well excuse me. Pfffftttt. So la-di-da we are heading out the door when low and behold the little old lady at the door makes us stop so that she can look at our receipt. I honestly thought I was going to have to go bail him out from across the street!! Can someone please explain to me how this woman thinks we are going to spend close to $500 on groceries and try and walk out with the toilet paper and bird seed that weren't in bags??? SERIOUSLY?? What the heck are you thinking??

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